The company guides mineral prospective investors or dealers in all matters pertaining to their specific demands. This is effectively done through conducting general consultancy services including;

  • Mineral Studies
  • Research Conduct in Mineral mining, grading, quality testing and Identification.
  • Mineral drilling Services
  • Country Mining and Mineral Procedural Guidance and policy interpretation
  • Assistance to Mineral Exportation and Importation Procedures
  • Mining Equipment Importation Procedural and Application Services
  • Advisory Services to Access Land For Mineral Exploration and Mining
  • Settlement Services for Conflict Between Land Rights and Mineral Rights
  • Policy Utilization of Mineral Land
  • Advisory Services on Mineral Occurrences within Game Parks, Reserves and Forest Reserves
  • Environmental Conservation Advise in Relation to Safe Mining and Mineral Exploration and Extraction.
Fraud Alert

Because of the many fraud cases in the industry, we advise all our clients or anyone that receives an offer to verify it by scanning the QR code on it or send us an inquiry on our official email.

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